UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect
UNDOR Pro Protect

UNDOR Pro Protect

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UNDOR Pro Protect is the ultimate garage door cable protector. Only UNDOR Pro Protect offers a gapless installation, keeping your garage sealed and secure while protecting your cables, cords, and hoses.

  • Pinch-free protection for your cables and hoses under 0.9"
  • No compromises, no gaps, always there when you need it
  • Designed to keep critters, mice, and debris out
  • Patented design closes the channel when not in use
  • DIY installation with included hardware
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Replacement door seal required (not included)

UNDOR Pro Protect installs at each end of your garage door, and is affixed to the concrete floor using the included anchors and stainless steel screws. Adhesive options are available for those who do not want to (or cannot) drill into their concrete floors. 

Perfect for EV charging cables, garden hoses, 30 Amp RV cables, and more!
UNDOR Pro Protects channel is designed with home owners in mind, and works with many different cables, cords, and hoses. Everything from level 1 and 2 EV charging cables to air hoses, RV cables, and more. If it's under 0.9" thick, it will fit perfectly in the channel.

Gapless, Pinch-free Cable Protection
UNDOR Pro Protect is the only garage door cable protector that keeps your garage sealed while also protecting your cables. Our unique sliding design closes off the channel when you're not using it, keeping mice and critters from getting inside through the channel. Once installed properly, with a taller replacement door seal, UNDOR Pro Protect keeps your garage door sealed and secure.

Replacement Garage Door Seal
A replacement 4" garage door seal is required for a successful installation. There are many different styles of garage door bottom seals. There is no one-size fits all seal, so we can't include one with UNDOR Pro Protect. We do have a great page on our website outlining many of the different seal types and where you can purchase them online.

UNDOR Pro Protect is designed to work on flat, even surfaces. If your garage floor is warped or not made of concrete, UNDOR Pro Protect likely will not work, as it needs a flat surface to sit on. Also, some homes have garage doors that close into a channel or have doors the close infront of their concrete slab. UNDOR Pro Protect will not work in these scenarios. 

If you are unsure if UNDOR Pro Protect will work with your specific garage door, please contact us before ordering and we will assist in any way we can.

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Works with the top EV charger brands


Safely run cables under your door

UNDOR Pro Protect keeps your cables safe while also providing a gap-free installation. Our innovative sliding cover design also keeps critters out when you're not using the channel.

Easy to use

Simply use your foot to open and close the sliding cover, no bending over.

Made in Canada

UNDOR Pro Protect is designed and made in Canada with high-quality materials. UNDOR Pro Protect is also backed by a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

Check out the DIY installation instructions and video