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Installation Instructions

UNDOR PRO Protect offers a unique, no-compromise way to safely pass cables and hoses under your garage door while it’s closed. It does mean that you’ll need to do a little installation work. Once installed, UNDOR PRO Protect is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

Installation should take less than an hour, with the bulk of that time allotted to replacing your garage door bottom seal. Watch the video below before tackling the installation, so you have an idea of what’s involved.

No-Drill Adhesive Installation

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Download PDF Instructions

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Warning! Post Tension Concrete

Before undertaking this DIY installation please be aware of the risks. If your garage floor is post-tensioned or pre-stressed, you cannot drill into it. This is serious. Please look around your garage for any warning signs, which are typically stamped directly into the concrete or installed near an entry door on the wall. If your floor is post-tensioned or pre-stressed, you must use the no drill (adhesive) method of installation. Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to adjust or disconnect the garage door spring. These are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury or death if incorrectly handled. If unsure, contact a professional for assistance.

Find a Replacement Door Seal

Finding the correct door seal for your garage door is important. We put together a page to help you find and purchase the right seal for you.

Door Seals

Helpful Tips

Have a helper

Having two people, especially when replacing your door seal, will make installation much easier

Watch power tools

Always wear the appropriate PPE when using power tools

Use soapy water

A little soapy water makes sliding in the new door seal a breeze

Take your time

Don’t rush it. Take your time, follow the steps, and it’ll be done in no time

Common Questions

UNDOR Pro Protect is designed to be installed easily by just about anyone. It’s DIY friendly, but you will need a few tools to get the job done.

You will need the following:

  • Hammer Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Utility Knife

It’s also recommended that you have some soapy water either in a bucket or spray bottle to make replacing the door seal easier. A second set of hands is also recommended.

Probably, yes. Most rubber or vinyl door seals crush over time, conforming to the space between your garage door and the floor. UNDOR Pro Protect raises your door slightly, by just over an inch, and will leave a small gap.

Replacing your door seal with a taller seal (4″ in most cases) takes up that gap and keeps your garage sealed.

We include a masonry drill bit and all the hardware needed to drill and secure UNDOR Pro Protect to your floor. However, some people may not want to (or cannot) drill into their garage floor. 

We have tested several adhesive options and have found two that work quite well, and are readily available for purchase. Click here for more information.

UNDOR Pro Protect is designed to work with roll up panel style doors, which are the most common type of garage door in North America. Up and over, gable or other stlyes of doors have not been tested and will likely not work. Please reach out if you have any questions prior to purchasing UNDOR Pro Protect.

UNDOR Pro Protect is not a water tight product. If you have standing water issues at your home, UNDOR Pro Protect will not help keep standing water out of your garage.

We include two Pro Protect units in each box. We do this to give your garage door a consistent height to close to. With just one Pro Protect installed, you may find that your door shuts uneven. This can cause stress on your track, rollers, and door. It’s best to follow the installation instructions and install both included units for the best user experience and to avoid any damage to your garage door.

We would love to include a replacement door seal with UNDOR Pro Protect. The issue is, not all garage doors are the same. Some door manufacturers use different seals, or use no seals at all. This makes it impossible to have a ‘universal’ door seal and would result in a lot of waste and extra cost. Instead, we offer links to great online stores across North America who retail all sorts of different door seals for just about any door. See our door seals page for more information.

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