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Charger Inside. Charging Outside.

Garage door cable protectors that work with most level 2 EV chargers from top brands like Tesla, Chargepoint, and Clipper Creek.

Happy charging.

A safe, no-compromise solution for home EV charging.
A cable protector that not only keeps your level 2 EV charging
cable safe, but also keeps mice out, and keeps your garage sealed. UNDOR Pro Protect does it all. Install your level 2 EV charger inside and charge in your driveway with the door closed.
Like all UNDOR products, UNDOR Pro Protect is made in Canada from high-quality materials designed to last for years to come.

A QUIK solution.

Introducing UNDOR QUIK Protect, a simpler solution for
those who just want to keep their cables safe; without the install. UNDOR QUIK Protect does just that, at an unbeatable value.
Just place it down on the floor, lay your cable in the deep channel,
and close your garage door. That’s it. Only UNDOR QUIK Protect elevates your cables off the concrete floor, keeping them safe from abrasion, giving you the confidence to shut your door on your cable without pinching it. Plus, it’s big enough to protect 50amp RV cables too.

Proudly made in Canada

All UNDOR products are made in Canada, using the highest quality materials available. We believe in designing products to last and our manufacturing partners share that belief. Don’t waste your money on products that are made cheaply overseas. UNDOR products are made here in North America, supporting local manufacturing jobs in our communities. Even the box we ship your UNDOR products in is produced in Canada, with plastic-free packaging.

Which UNDOR is right for you?

(Long-term, permanent install)

(Short-term, no install)

No matter which UNDOR product you choose, you can rest assured that your cables are safe.




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