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Garage Door Seals

If you’re installing UNDOR Pro Protect in your garage, you’re probably going to need a new garage door bottom seal. This unassuming piece of rubber helps seal off your garage and is essential in ensuring a gap-free installation of UNDOR Pro Protect. But how do you figure out what seal you need for your garage door? We’re here to help as best we can, but unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Just like tires, there's no universal fit

There are a lot of garage door manufacturers and that means a lot of different seal types. You should do your homework before buying a new seal, because each door on your street could take a different seal type. The good news? Most garage door manufacturers use a common type of seal called a ‘T-bulb’ style seal.

Sherlock, I think he's got it!

Crack out the detective hat, you’ve got some investigating to do. Check the edges of your garage door for the manufactureres name plate. Knowing the brand of your door can help narrow down your search. Cutting a short section of your seal off is an easy way to see what type of seal you need (you’re replacing it anyway, right?).

Make sure it's tall enough

In order to fill in the gap created by protecting your cables, you’ll need to get a seal that is tall enough. Door seals are measured flat, and we’ve found that a 4″ wide seal is generally the perfect size for UNDOR Pro Protect. 

T Bulb Seal

These are the most common seal type you’ll find in North America. It’s easy to find online at some retailers (we’ve listed some good ones). Be careful buying these from your local hardware store, as most only carry a 3″ wide or smaller on their shelves. 

A 1/4″ T-style seal is a good replacement for Raynor brand doors, along with some Gadco, Hormann and others. A 5/16″ is more commonly found on some Amarr, Ankmar, CHI, Clopay, Wayne Dalton and Overhead door models.

The 3/16″ works for manufacturers like McKee, Amarr, Stanley and Taylor.

You can also find door seal and track kits, which include a T style bulb seal along with sections of aluminum track that are simply drilled into the bottom of your door. These are perfect for doors that don’t have seals, or if your door track is damaged.

Bead Style Bulb Seals

O Style Seals

These are only found on some Clopay models.

1/8" Bead Style Seal

1/8" Wayne Dalton Unique Bead Seal

These are unique seals that are only used by Wayne Dalton doors. We have links to these on our installation page.

and that's not all of them...

There are so many different seal types on the market, we can’t list them all here. Once you find the right seal for your door, it’s important that you order a 4 inch or wider replacement seal. Door seals are measured flat, so a 4″ door seal will give you roughly a 2″ bulb. That’s large enough to fill in the gap created by UNDOR Pro Protect. When in doubt, reach out to garage door company for additional help.

Looking to buy online?

We’ve ordered lots of seals from the great people at North Shore Commercial Door and have a great experience. We’re not affiliated with them at all, but we recommend them often as a great online source. They have seals that are hard to find as well as more common ones. They also offer advice on what seal you need for your door, so if you’re stuck, try sending them a note before ordering to confirm the right seal for your door.

They also have a great YouTube channel with tons of free information.




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