The best way to run cables, cords, and hoses under your garage door while it’s shut.

The North American-made solution designed to protect EV car chargers, garden hoses, and extension cords.

A cable protector for your garage door.

Until now, there hasn’t been a reliable way to safely run cables, cords and hoses underneath your garage door while it’s closed. If you drive an electric vehicle and want to charge in your driveway, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Introducing UNDOR Cord Protector. The absolute best way to run your EV charging cable, garden hose or extension cord under your garage door while it’s closed.

A simple fix for a common problem.

You’re going to love using UNDOR. Our patent-pending design keeps your level 2 car charger cable safe from being crushed by your garage door without the need for extensive or permanent modifications to your home. When you’re not using UNDOR, simply slide the cover shut, keeping critters, dirt, and debris from getting in your garage.

Installation is easy and DIY-friendly, or you can contact your local handyman or garage door installation company to do it for you.

Order Your UNDOR

Order your UNDOR Garage Cable Protector today and enjoy free shipping across Canada and the United States, plus all UNDOR products come with a 3-year guarantee. 

Installs in minutes.

Watch our easy-to-follow instructional video to install your UNDOR in less than an hour. If DIY projects aren’t your thing, contact your local garage door installation company, contractor, or handyman to do it for you! 

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