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The ultimate charging accessory for your EV – UNDOR Cable Protector

If you drive an EV, you have to charge your EV. And if you charge at home, you’ve probably faced the same problem we did when we got our first electric vehicles. How do I get my charging cable from inside my garage, outside to my driveway, without pinching it or damaging it? That’s exactly what UNDOR was designed to do.

UNDOR Keeps Your Cable Safe

UNDOR is a cable protector that installs under your garage door, along the floor right where the track meets the concrete. It has a channel that accepts any cable or hose less than an inch thick, and keeps the weight of the garage door from sitting on your cable. With UNDOR, you can safely pass your expensive, high-voltage level 2 EV charging cable under your garage door while it’s closed. That means true charging freedom at home; charge inside or outside when you need to.

UNDOR works with most level 2 EVSEs from the tops brands you trust like Tesla (Gen 3 wall box), Grizzl-e, Chargepoint, RIVIAN, Ford, ClipperCreek, and more. UNDOR’s wide channel also works with extension cords, most residential garden hoses, and even some RV cables.

That's why we made UNDOR

Charging your EV at home is awesome, and UNDOR makes it even better. Our patent-pending cable protector keeps your level 2 charging cable safe, and allows you to pass it under your garage door. That means you can install your expensive wall box inside your garage, and have the flexibility to charge outside in your driveway when you want to. Click below to learn more about UNDOR and to order one today.

UNDOR Cord Protector with level 2 cable

UNDOR Keeps Your Garage Secure

UNDOR is truly the only ‘no compromise’ solution on the market today. By installing UNDOR, you’re not only safely running cables under your garage door, you’re doing so while keeping your garage secure. Our unique, patent-pending design features a sliding cover design. By simply sliding the cover shut when you’re not using the channel, you keep mice and rodents from getting in your garage. Just another reason why thousands of homeowners have chosen UNDOR.

UNDOR Stays Out Of The Way

Once installed, UNDOR stays out of the way. Since it’s secured to your floor, it doesn’t move around on you or get lost. It’s compact size means that it doesn’t impead on car traffic in and out of your garage, and it’s stealthy black color blends in with your garage door seal. We wanted UNDOR to be there when you need it, and almost invisible when you don’t.

UNDOR Is A Great Gift Idea

If you have someone in your life who drives an EV, owns an RV, or just needs to pass things under their garage door, UNDOR makes a great gift idea. DIY installation and our 3 year guarantee make UNDOR an easy choice. Plus, it’s made in Canada, so your purchase is supporting local manufacturing.




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