UNDOR and Telsa Level 2 Wall Charger

One question we get all the time is “how does the newer, thin cable work with UNDOR?”. This is a great question, as a good majority of the EVs on the road today are Teslas. With the 3rd generation of Tesla’s wall connector, they managed to make their cable thinner than the rest of the home level 2 chargers, so how does it work with UNDOR?

Having such a thin cable is impressive and doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to UNDOR. As you can see in these photos, the cable fits very well within the channel and has lots of room for movement. With our kick-gate design, you can simply push the gate closed around the cable, which takes up the extra space at the openings caused by the thinner diameter.

We designed UNDOR to work with the largest cables we could find for home EV chargers, but wanted to make sure we could work with as many as possible. Our sliding kick-gate keeps mice and dirt out, but also allows us to accommodate smaller cables like what you get with the Tesla Wall Connector.




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