You probably never think about it, but there’s a seal on the bottom of your garage door keeping all sorts of things from getting inside. These door seals often go unnoticed until they ultimately fail. UNDOR requires the use of a taller seal, to make up the gap caused by protecting your cables, cords and hoses.

Inexpensive and DIY friendly installation.

Garage door seals, or weatherstripping, are fairly easy to find. For most garage doors, you’ll be able to find a replacement door seal from your local garage door installation and repair company, online, or sometimes at your local hardware store. We’ve also got some great online sources below who will ship you the right seal.

Installation of your new seal is usually very DIY-friendly. Depending on your garage door, the installation may be a little different or may require some professional help. 

As always, do your research before undertaking any DIY project.

Find the right seal
for your door.

It’s really important that you buy the correct seal for your door. There’s no true universal option that fits every door. Somethings you’ll need to know include the door manufacturer, track style and door width. There are options to replace the track on the bottom of your door, allowing you to utilize a standard t-bulb style seal.

You’ll need to get a replacement seal that is tall enough to make up the roughly 1 inch gap that is created by UNDOR. For most doors, a 4 inch wide seal will do the trick. However, if you have an insulated or wooden door, you may need to get a wider seal. When buying your new seal, ensure it will fill gaps of at least 1 inch.

A replacement door seal is not included with UNDOR.

There are so many great garage door styles out there, made by some incredible companies. Garage doors come in different styles, widths and thicknesses, so there isn’t a good universal option that we could include. That’s why we don’t include a seal with UNDOR, though we have linked to some great resources below that should get you started in finding the right seal for your door.


Checkout these great videos on how to replace your garage door seal.

Remember, you need to buy a seal that will fill a 1” gap or larger.


These online stores offer up some great door seals, resources, and can help you find the right seal for your door.

North Shore Commercial Door

Door Seals

Door Seal Kits

Wayne Dalton 4″ Seal


Ships to Canada and USA

Garage Door Land

4″ T Style Seal


Ships to Canada and USA

Garage Door Weather Seal

Wood Door Seals

T-Style Seals



Ships to USA only

Garage Door Parts Mart




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