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Preorders and Timing Update

It’s very important to us that we keep everyone in the loop as to what’s going on with UNDOR and how we’re progressing. Back in July we launched our social media presence and started teasing the idea of UNDOR with the hopes of launching a crowdfunding campaign. What we realized fairly quickly is that most of you didn’t want to go through the risk/hassle of backing a campaign like that. You wanted UNDOR, and you wanted it now.

So my Dad and I made the decision to put the pedal to the metal and go ahead with manufacturing. That meant securing some financing, doing final adjustments to the product data, and ordering the tooling. We ordered our tooling in late September 2022, and now we’re playing the waiting game.

The molds that make UNDOR are made out of solid steel, and take about 10- 12 weeks to produce. We’ve been holding off on advertising and have been radio silent on social media, waiting until we can officially release pre-orders.

Good news! Preorders will be launching in November!

The good news is, things are going well at the tool shop, and we’re confident we’ll have finished tooling in December. That means we should see our first production run in mid-December and we’ll be shipping our pre-orders out in early-mid January. Make sure you’re signed up to our email list, so you’ll be first to know when pre-orders launch. Fingers crossed we don’t experience any delays here on out.

We truly appreciate your patience

We’ve heard from quite a few people that they’ve been looking for a solution like UNDOR, and want one ASAP. We’re just as excited and anxious to get UNDOR shipped as you are to get one, and we want to express how thankful and appreciative we are for your patience. Creating and manufacturing a product from scratch is quite the process, and we’re working as quickly and efficiently as we can to get UNDOR in boxes and shipped out to you all.




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