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Our patent-pending design allows your cables to pass under your garage door without getting crushed.

When you’re not passing cables through, you can close the gate, keeping rodents, bugs and other things from getting in.

UNDOR is easily removable and doesn’t require any extensive modifications to your home.

UNDOR even holds the cable in place for you while you shut your garage door.

UNDOR is designed to work with roll up doors and automatic garage door openers. Other styles of doors, like up and over or gable style, will not work with UNDOR.

Manual roll up doors will work with UNDOR, however the locking mechanism will need to be modified to work correctly. Consult with a local garage door expert on how UNDOR may affect the security and performance of your manual garage door.

Installation Instructions


The first step is securing UNDOR to your garage floor. You’ll do this with the included concrete anchors and masonry drill bit. A hammer drill will be needed to get this done. Start by marking the inside edge of your door, where the seal contacts the floor.

Line up UNDOR with the locator tab in front of your garage door track and the inside edge along the line you marked. Mark the hole where you need to drill and remove UNDOR. Make your hole, and secure UNDOR in place with the concrete anchors provided. Do not over tighten, hand tight is perfect.


UNDOR raises your garage door by roughly 1 inch. That will likely leave a small gap under your garage door. To fix this, you’ll want to replace your door seal with a new, thicker seal. Please note that a door seal is not included in the box with UNDOR.

These are easy to find; often at your local hardware store or you can pick one up from a local garage door installation company. We also have some great online partners who can help you find the perfect seal for your door.

Check out our Deal With Seals page for more information.


The last step is to tell your garage door opener where to stop when it closes. This is very easy, but the process can vary based on your garage door opener. We’ve linked to some instructions from the most popular manufacturers, but you can also consult your manual.

Often it’s as simple as turning a small knob or pressing a button.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed UNDOR. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We ship UNDOR in pairs, so each box contains two UNDORs. We include two so that you can install one under each side of your garage door, keeping it level when closed. This also allows you to run two cables or hoses at the same time, giving you even more flexibility as the years go by.

UNDOR is designed to work with level 2 home charging cables. These are typically less than .8 of an inch thick. Most standard garden hoses are also this size, so they should work as well.

Larger cables may work as well, but the gate may not close over them and hold the cable in place as advertised. If the cable is too large, the door may apply some pressure to it when closed. Do so at your own risk.

UNDOR is designed to be installed easily by just about anyone. It’s DIY friendly, but you will need a few tools to get the job done.

You will need the following:

  • Hammer Drill
  • Screwdriver 
  • Pencil
  • Utility Knife

It’s also recommended that you have some soapy water either in a bucket or spray bottle to make replacing the door seal easier.

UNDOR comes with the following in the box…

  • A pair of UNDORs
  • Masonry Drill Bit
  • (2) Stainless Steel Screws
  • (2) Concrete Plugs
  • Instruction Booklet

You will need to purchase a replacement garage door seal separately. Please see this page for more information on door seals.

Most likely, yes. Most rubber or vinyl door seals crush over time, conforming to the distance between your garage door and the floor. UNDOR raises your garage door by a little over an inch, which will likely result in a small gap underneath your door.

Replacing your door seal with a taller seal (4″ in most cases) will take up that gap and keep your garage sealed.

We recommend using the concrete anchors and stainless steel screws to keep UNDOR in place. There can be significant force applied to UNDOR when it’s holding your cable, and not securing it to your floor will cause it to move around when the door isn’t shut.

If you would prefer to use your own hardware, including Tapcons or other methods of securing items to concrete, you are welcome to do so. We are not liable for damage to the product due to improper installation, please use your best judgement and think through your own solution before proceeding. 

It is strongly recommended that you follow the installation instructions as directed for the best results and to not void your warranty.

We’ve played around with several types of adhesives and tapes to secure UNDOR to the garage floor. The reality is that while some adhesives may hold for a short period of time, the best way we’ve found to keep UNDOR in place and provide the best useage experience is with concrete anchors. 

We understand that drilling into your concrete floor may be intimidating or inconvenient. If you’d like to attempt an installation with adhesive, we have found that certain ones work better than others. 

A reminder: once UNDOR has been installed, it cannot be returned.

UNDOR is designed to work with roll up panel style doors, which are the most common type of garage door in North America. Up and over, gable or other stlyes of doors have not been tested with UNDOR and will not work. Please reach out if you have any questions prior to purchasing UNDOR.

If you find that UNDOR doesn’t work for your application you can return it within 30 days. It must be returned in the original packaging and in un-used condition. Damage from incorrect installation or misuse are not covered under our return policy.

There is no fee to return your product, however you are responsible for the return shipping costs. Please contact us for a Return Authorisation Number.

We are here to help, and should you have any issues please reach out to us.  




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